Serious Injuries

Serious injuries claim can be a complicated and potentially lengthy legal process that will necessitate the skill, experience, and expertise of a specialized legal team to bring to a fair conclusion. It entails pursuing the rightful compensation owed by the party at fault for the injured person’s damages and losses.

What are the Leading Causes of Serious Injury?

The following are some of the most common causes of serious injury:

  • Use of unsafe machinery
  • Unsafe systems of work or work practices
  • A dangerous working location or conditions
  • Failure to properly assess risk
  • Inadequate premises
  • A traffic accident

How Quickly Do You Have To Make Serious Injuries Claim?

Serious injuries claims may take some time to resolve as the injured party recovers from the initial trauma and convalesces through necessary surgical procedures. The endpoint of the recovery journey may result in the person having a very different lifestyle, occupation, and income than they had before the accident. Here is the process for filing a personal injury claim.

  • Obtain Witness Testimony
  • Collect Medical Records
  • Start Court Proceedings

Get No Win No Fee Serious Injuries Claims

We always operate with a ‘no-win, no-fee guarantee at Invicta Legal, which means there is no stress or worry for our clients about how the case will be funded. If your claim is denied for any reason, you will not be charged because we will cover the costs. However, if the claim is successful, we will be able to recover the majority of the costs from the compensator.

Choosing the right personal injury solicitors is paramount when seeking a personal injury compensation claim as a result of serious injury. We take pride in being the leading serious injury claims solicitors assisting victims of serious injury to get the compensation they deserve.

Serious Injury Solicitors You Can Trust

A personal injury claim has a three-year time limit. To get compensation, you must show that the accident occurred as a result of negligence or a breach of statutory duty. Our skilled team of serious injury solicitors regularly assists a diverse range of clients in constructing strong serious injury claims and obtaining the necessary rehabilitation and interim damage payments to cover all related financial shortfalls.

The key to a successful claim is early intervention, and the medical, financial, and legal experts of the appropriate specialism to undertake the litigation process. This is where retaining the services of an experienced serious injury solicitor from Invicta Legal can make a significant difference in the speed and success of your claim.